Online Sessions Available
Online Sessions Available
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Personal Coaching Programs

Your success comes from resting solidly within your own values and strengths.

Healing and Ending Emotional Eating

Reboot your relationship with food and effortlessly maintiain your health and weight. You can feel more calm around previously triggering events, situations, and circumstances. Enjoy more confidence in your reactions to life and  your connections in life. Feel full, supported, and totally satisfied.

Small Business Coaching

Use proven tactics to get control of the numbers and improve your business. Review your personal branding and position yourself properly on social media. Repair communication disruption and use assessments to understand each other better at work. Set and track goals using new, super effective tools.

Family Transition and Divorce Coaching

The cost of feeling out of control and wrestling with your emotional responses is potentially very high indeed. Learn critical, comprehensive information and skills that will help you survive and thrive. Your future self will thank you later for your wisdom learned now. 

Corporate and Executive Coaching Programs

The internal landscape of the self is the next great frontier in business.

Intuition for Business People

Have the edge that all the most successful people and businesses have. The proper use of your intuition is of paramount importance in corporate success. Be a master of the Inner Game.

Emotionally Intelligent Sales Training 

Get the deal back on track by redressing the exact places where communication breaks down, using new tools expertly applied. Ressurect success.

Reflexive Success 

Predict outcomes by accurately evaluating core value alignment and discovering what the data can't reveal. Also use time/energy quadrants to change the current. Gain understanding way beyond the Mission Statement.

Executive Coaching Sessions: Learn intuitive and communication skills that incorporate breakthrough knowledge discovered in the last 50 years and still being expanded today. Conducting work with your deeper levels of identity engaged puts you into a whole new realm of flexibility, thriving, and leadership in your industry, because these concepts are not yet in widespread practice. Also, we now know that working hard sets up self- sabotage, but working optimally is a natural, sustainable, state of success that you deserve in your career. Maintain your energy and productivity for a lifetime. Learn updated sales dialogues and shift your routines.

Personal Coaching Sessions: Your life is greatly enhanced when you get to the root of the issues that are being presented in your life. In these very time-effective sessions, I use a combination of the best cognitive coaching tools, plus newer modalities that communicate directly with the deeper levels of your mind, allowing integration of selfhood with the new reality you are creating in your life. Self love & forward movement is the result. Any life topic can be addressed, and you have all the resources you need. 

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