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Pamela Henrie received her MBA with a focus on Global Management from the University of Phoenix while working full time there as the Faculty Recruiter for the Main Campus in Phoenix, Arizona.  She has a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts with an English Major from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She received the equivalent of an Associate's degree in Accounting from Tulsa Community College after graduate school. She is currently a candidate for the Certified Executive Coach designation from a prestigious ICF-accredited coaching academy.


Her coaching practice is holistic (meaning: all parts of change support the whole), fast-paced, cooperative, and solution-oriented. There is virtually no topic or area of life that Pamela has not coached successfully. She has written nine original coaching programs addressing specific topics of our time. If you are facing a serious issue, Pamela encourages cooperative achievement in the sense of recruiting everyone you might need for your team--People who are licensed medical and mental health professionals, for example. Do not attempt to use coaching for something it's not intended for.


After much research and study which is still ongoing, Pamela uses a unique cadre of about 20 of the best and most time-proven coaching tools, which are all based and developed from the same core principles of wisdom, inner knowledge, and carefully planned and considered change. She uses emotional release techniques in personal coaching programs and sessions, if desired by the client. This allows the client to move on to the next step of goal achievement without the emotional baggage of the past.


"Avail yourself of all the resources at hand--in other words, be proactive with your life! You are in charge of you. The best coach in the world is only as good as your own self-commitment and willingness to engage dynamically with your own experience."


-Pamela Henrie 


Disclaimer: All coaching practices are supportive and work harmoniously with any other professional help you may be receiving, including medical and psychological assistance. These statements and services are not intended to replace those, nor to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Joy is a natural  outcome of  success.                                            Success is a  natural outcome of  applied tools and  skills, over time.

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